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Scooters we have

We have several scooters for sale. All Honda Gyro, Spree, Express, Express II, Urban Express and Express SR. Our inventory changes all the time so email to see what we have available.  We are located west of St Louis, MO that is where the scooters will need to be picked up from. If a scooter is to be shipped it is the BUYERS responsibility to arrange all the shipping. All we will do is verify the shipper you tell us and show them where the scooter is at. Sold AS IS S & Z Sc00ter clams no responsibility for shipping or anything to do with scooter. We encourage you to look aver scooters before purchase.

All Scooters are ready to ride

85 Custom Gyro

All scooters we sell have new batteries, air filters, starters (where appliable), petcocks, seats new or not ripped, and anything else they need. Some with titles some sold on Bill Of Sale only. The oil in the transmission has been changed (there is no oil in a 2 cycle engine to change). The fuel system has been cleaned from tank to carburetor and new fuel lines put on when needed. 2 cycle oil and lines changed. Everything works and they all run great. All scooters are ready to ride but they are sold AS IS.


Leather seat 1985 custom Gyro

We are located about 40 minutes west of St Louis, MO. That is where you must pick the scooters from. We are glad to ship but you need to make all the arrangements. We will not do a thing and we are not liable for anything involved with shipping