About Us



S & Z Sc00ter was started in 2009 for the sole purpose of getting your scooter going. At S & Z Sc00ter we sell parts and give advice by emaling scooterpartsforsale@gmail.com

What we do


We sell parts for Honda * Gyro * Spree * Express * Express II * Urban Express and     Express SR only.

At S & Z Sc00ter we beleave it is better to know a lot about a few scooters than a little about a bunch of scooters.

We are located west of St Louis, MO but we advertise and ship several parts a day all over the USA.

We handle * new parts * new aftermarket part * rebuilt parts * used parts and * used cleaned parts (mostly carbs) for Honda Gyro, Spree and all 4 Express.

Some parts are OEM, some NOS and some used.

Remember used parts are used not new

Rebuilt Parts. 

Rebuilt parts are used but rebuilt

NOS parts have never been used but they have been sitting on a shelf for over 30 years. 

OEM parts are new

Aftermarket parts are new but not by OEM. 

If You need parts please email scooterpartsforsale@gmail.com


At S & Z Sc00ter we try hard


S & Z Sc00ter was started to give advice on getting your vintage scooter going. We soon found out you can give out the best advice in the world and someone can not get their scooter going without parts. That is why we sell parts not for the money. However we do need to keep the doors open.  Free to email any questions you may have about scooters to scooterpartsforsale@gmail.com We can ether answer them or point you in the right direction.