About Parts

Parts for Gyro, Spree and all 4 Express


At S & Z Sc00ter we handle parts for Honda Gyro, Spree, Express, Express II, Urban Express and Express SR ONLY.

If you need parts for one of these models email scooterpartsforsale@gmail.com 

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At S & Z Sc00ter we give out a lot of advice on what to do to your scooter. Please note it is our advice and your choice to follow it. We mainly give advice about Gyro, Spree and all 4 Express but we will do our best on any scooter. At S & Z Sc00ter we are very knowledgeable about scooters are we have a good idea where to point you to get what you need.



Parts come several ways depending on what we have available.

* Used Just that Used (all used parts are tested, sealed, marked and photos taken). Do not try to send back your old part and say ours did not work were on to that.

* Used but cleaned   (Carburetors mainly)

* New OEM

* NOS OEM these parts are new but they have been sitting on a shelf for 30 years or longer 

* New aftermarket and may not look like stock parts but will do the same with little to no modification  

* Rebuilt

* Damaged or Clearance This you will be told of to the best of our knowledge. Remember if a part that can not be used we throw it away.  It does you or us no good to sell a part that can not be used or repaired so it can be used. NO RETURN for any reason on damaged, clearance or electrical parts. You bought it you own it.  

(see how to order parts)