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At S & Z Sc00ter we have parts for Honda Gyro, Honda Spree, Honda  Express, Honda Express II, Honda Urban Express and Honda Express SR ONLY.  We are located west of St Louis, MO but we advertise and ship several parts a day all over the USA . AT S & Z Sc00ter we think it is better to know a lot about a few scooters than a little about a bunch of scooters. Some parts are new some NOS some used some OEM some aftermarket. We save parts for no one. If we have it when you request it than it is yours. Less a part is sold as damaged or clearance all used parts are checked to meet Honda Specifications, marked and photographed. You will be told a part is damaged or clearance before you purchase anything. We will not answer the phone. Everything is done over the internet by email. Send your request to scooterpartsforsale@gmail.com and we will let you know if we have it. 

Vintage Scooters


Vintage scooters are good when they work right but they need to be tinkered with. If you are looking just to ride a cheap scooter they are not for you. Spend the money and buy a new scooter. We do not recommend buying a cheap Chinese scooter. They are cheap for a reason. We give out a lot of advice and it is just that our advice. It is your choice to use it. You can have the best advice and you cannot fix a thing with out parts. At S & Z Sc00ter we like happy people. It is our goal is to help you get your scooter going.

Tips On Happy Scotting


*  Copy down your scooter's VIN in case you need to identify it and prove you own it. 

*   Run an additive like Sea Foam in the gas.

*   Leave a battery maintainer on when you are not riding your scooter.

*   If you are not riding or working on your scooter CHAIN IT UP. Even in the garage. We hear all the time about someone getting their scooter stolen out of their garage. What a thief will do is follow you home when you ride your scooter to see how it lives and come back at night and steal it. The harder and louder you make it the better. There are two things a thief does not like to work and noise. 

*** Always wear some sort of helmet. If you have a $2.00 head wear a $2.00 helmet.

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